Get it Together!

Emma Shirey

I’ve been working hard on my column entitled: Art and Science. The first post is up and running and I’m so excited about it!

While things are finally up and running, I have been having a lot of issues with time management on this project. I had high hopes for my organizational skills throughout this internship and truthfully, I’m not following through. I need to rethink how I do things and really prioritize the column and the internship as a whole.

My steps to getting it together are as follows:

-Believe in yourself and your ability to change habits halfway through the semester. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

-Figure out what’s not working. Why are you forgetting/procrastinating certain assignments?

-Write it all down. Make a list of all due dates and put it all on a calendar. Work backwards and decide how much time you should allot to each project.

-Add reminders on your phone for the important but forgettable dates (meetings, etc.)

-Stick to your goals! You can change your habits, but only if you stick to the routine.

In all, I feel really good about what I’m doing with the Quark. These past few weeks, however, I’ve been really struggling to keep up with the deadlines and prioritize what needs to get done. Time is moving faster than I am recently. The list above will definitely help me to get it together, and maybe you’ll find some inspiration from it too!


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