First Articles in the Project

Author: Leah Seibel, FA 2019 The Downtown Greensburg Project Intern

As the summer went on, I wrote two minor articles. One was about a car event happening in the area and the other was regarding the city council election. For the car event, I wasn’t composing a large blog post because most of the information was on Facebook. Facebook events were where the Downtown Greensburg gained most of their following for events. Otherwise, our Instagram following was the main source for our followers. So, the car event was mostly copying the details in the event into a post. All the information was there for me in that circumstance.

For the city council election article, I was in charge of composing two big picture questions to ask the four candidates. I asked them what they would like to maintain in Greensburg/ what issues they would change as well as their future plans to continue modernizing the city. It was interesting to reach out to them and speak with them individually. Each candidate had a drastically different answer and their own vision for the city. The article helped me form further communication skills as well as being creative with the questions I had asked them. For the article, I posted the questions and answers each person gave me. I had also given some background about each one running and their relationship to the city of Greensburg. Here is a link to the article:

Although the first two articles weren’t extremely exciting, I had a fun time researching each and putting an article together for both. These two articles helped me with the articles I would be writing in the future. My skills continued to build.


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