The Process

Suzannah Costa

            The last few weeks, I have officially started working on outlines and drafts for the pieces I will be producing. I first created, a finished, a poster that effectively communicates the answer to the question many kids ask at the doctor’s office, “why do I need to get a shot?” In the poster, I talked about how shots protect us and others from diseases as well as keep us from feeling “yucky.” Then, I started creating a draft for the storybook I will be writing. The book will focus on two kids who became best friends, despite one of them having autism. The book will focus on emphasizing that kids, or anyone in general, with autism or a mental illness is no different than we are and still deserve the same friendships and life experiences that we do. Since it is a book for kids, I am not focusing on raising awareness for autism itself and ways we can try to cure it, but mostly just to acknowledge that autism does not make someone completely different than we are. I am going to do a teachers/parents page at the back of the book that explains what autism is and some stereotypes surrounding it. I am still in the writing and drafting process, but I am really excited to see where the book goes and what happens from here.

            Outside of the pieces I have been working on, I am learning a lot through this internship that I would not otherwise have learned in classes. I have learned how to strengthen my resume and reformat it to suit certain jobs and internships, as well as how to write a strong cover letter that really showcases my strengths. This internship has given me multiple learning opportunities and I am overall really glad I took this internship. I am excited to see where the storybook and poster go from here.


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