The First Few Weeks in Greensburg

Author: Leah Seibel, FA 2019 The Downtown Greensburg Project Intern

During the first week of my internship, I wasn’t writing articles quite yet. I was assigned to working on Google Sheets organizing information for Downtown Greensburg’s Night Market. My task was to go into our WordPress submissions and look through the vendors that applied for the Night Market.

The Night Market goes from May until October so they had to choose what months and dates they wanted to participate in. It grew to be a difficult task sometimes if certain vendors didn’t have social media to analyze their goods. We wanted more modern vendors to draw the younger crowd and appeal to their interests. Although the young people were important for attendance, we wanted all ages to attend and find something they enjoyed.

I worked on the vendor list for a few weeks and created lists of pros and cons for each vendor to really see who we wanted as the faces of Night Market. Throughout this task, I became really organized and just familiarized myself with how Excel/Sheets worked as I haven’t used it since high school. I think the most enjoyable aspect of this task was looking through the vendors and what they all had to offer. It was interesting to see the different types of art, food, and other misc items were brought to the events.

Credits: The Downtown Greensburg Project Facebook


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