Leadership and Lessons

Author: Meredith Bennett, Junior Environmental Science

I have never been a “typical” leader. As a drum major in my high school marching band, a position usually held by big-headed instrumentalists who revel in the ability to boss people around, I led primarily by example. Three years later, it is still hard not to feel out of my depth sometimes when it comes to leadership roles. As Editor-in-Chief of The D.U. Quark, I am constantly learning lessons about who I am and how I lead others. For example, I am hesitant to make executive decisions for the journal without consulting other members, even when that is unnecessary. I often find myself paralyzed by the worry that I am not meeting the expectations of members of The D.U. Quark. In addition, I often neglect to delegate tasks and projects to board members and other writers within the journal. This problem has intensified, especially since this semester has given a new meaning to the word “busy”.

The D.U. Quark has taken on many new initiatives this year. Consequently, it is more important than ever for me to improve my confidence in my own leadership, and, more importantly, to more often take advantage of the incredible members of the journal when delegating responsibilities. I also hope to devote more time to my own writing projects. For all the difficult lessons that leadership teaches, I wouldn’t trade my position in the Quark for anything. I believe in the power of good scientific communication and thoroughly enjoy working with everyone involved in the journal.


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