An Arts-cientist

Emma Shirey

My column is going through an identity crisis. I decided that my initial plan was maybe too similar to what other people were doing in terms of simplifying science in laymen’s terms. I have such a different point of view, as a liberal arts student and lover of art, that could be a positive addition to the Quark. With that in mind, I am going to transition the column into an Art and Science segment where I discuss things such as science in art history, science in performing arts such as dance, and artworks/artists who have a special scientific background/ideal.

My organizational process: I have been writing down ideas of art and science connections and then organizing them onto a calendar. I think weekly articles will be helpful to the growth of my column and its audience. I hope to publish every Wednesday. I think I will start by writing a few articles at a time, having them peer reviewed, and then setting them up to post weekly. Making more posts up front will be helpful to keeping up with my project.

My first article will be introducing the similarities between art and science by discussing artists and scientists, dance science, the chemical preservation of ancient art, and experimentation. Later, I would like to discuss these more in-depth through the column in the next few weeks. I also reached out to an art history professor at Duquesne who photographs up-close particles of salt and chemical compounds. She agreed to an interview, so I am really excited to write that article soon.

In all, my column is starting to form into a solid addition to the Quark. I think by connecting science and art, I will be able to pull in both scientists and artists and writers, etc. to read the Quark. Let’s get started!


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