-Darren Studnicki, English/Secondary English Education

Over the past few weeks at ACH Clear Pathways, the students have been working on paper origami figures. After having a quick lesson on their significance in Japanese culture, the students began working on their folds. There were many unique lessons for the students to choose from, such as a ninja mask, a house, a crane, and even a little Pikachu head! One of the important teachings that the students had to learn from this lesson was to follow instructions and work together to advance on their projects. The directions were sometimes unclear–when I was working on the folds with the students, I was often confused myself on how to fold the paper to get to the next part–so helping one another out when they didn’t know what step to take next was crucial. In all, this was a fun and interactive lesson that emphasized the students’ ability to follow directions and work as a team. 

One of the students finished his origami figures earlier than the rest, so he worked on developing a poster for the ACH Clear Pathways Halloween party, which is to be held on October 29, 2019. Take a look at how it turned out!

Overall, the mix between tutoring students on their classwork and helping them with their projects has been fun to participate in thus far and I’m excited for what’s to come as the Halloween season begins to ramp up!


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