Letting Old Experiences Aid New Ones

Author: Victoria Wilson, Gumberg Library Intern

The work for my internship started on the very first day. My supervisor wasted no time throwing me right into the bulk of my internship. My work is comprised of creating Library Guides for the Humanities. These guides are webpages about a certain topic or person and are comprised of articles, research engines and books concerning the topic. Within a week, I was able to finish my first Library Guide about Atheism and Agnosticism.

While creating Library Guides is new to me, I have had experience creating websites before. Currently, I serve as the Editor-in-Chief to Duquesne’s art and literary journal, :lexicon. When I first assumed the position our website was in dire need of help. Our domain no longer connected to our website, the website needed to be renewed and the information was completely out of date. Essentially no one had access to it except for me, which was a huge issue because our website is how we receive all of our submissions. Of course without submissions, the journal never gets published. After an excessive amount of googling and chatting on customer service sites, I was able to create our current website. It is simple and to the point but most importantly it’s effective and accessible for students.

Though I have been working at my internship for less than a month, I find that creating Library Guides is less confusing than the website. Even though I grew up surrounded by technology, I find that I am not as savvy in it as I should be. Creating the website involved a lot of trial and error since it was my first time attempting anything like it. However, I find that creating Library Guides is a much more fluid process. My experience of creating the :lexicon website has helped tremendously. The experience has provided me with a general sense of webpage making and the terminology that goes alongside it. The overall process has become less confusing and foreign. My supervisor has also been of great help to me as far as explaining the different styles of guides and the information needed to go on each guide. I look forward to what we create for the duration of the semester.


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