A Project in My Downtown

Author: Leah Seibel, FA 2019 The Downtown Greensburg Project Intern

When I was a junior at Duquesne last year, I came across a page on Instagram titled The Downtown Greensburg Project. I was so excited to see something modern come out of the city in Pennsylvania that I spent so much time in throughout my life. A few weeks later, The Downtown Greensburg Project was seeking interns for the Summer 2019 program and I quickly applied. After receiving the offer, I was ecstatic to begin my Summer with other interns and my director.

I started my internship in Downtown Greensburg the second week of May 2019. We were encouraged by the director to voice our strengths in the marketing and writing fields. I was surrounded by Marketing, Business, Graphic Design, and Communication majors. I was the only English major out of the group which proved to me personally to be an exceptional strength. Our director of the internship briefed us on several tasks and projects we would be working on throughout the summer. The task that specifically pertained to me was utilizing WordPress as the main source of communication to the residents of Greensburg. As the summer moved forward, I was working on projects that I had no experience in. It was fun for me to learn important aspects of the project that were needed to continue its success.

Although there were several parts of the internship that I thoroughly enjoyed, I enjoyed being creative with the articles I composed for the blog. There were several events during my time at the internship that I had the chance of exploring deeper into. I didn’t have much experience writing news or informative pieces before, so it helped my writing in that genre become stronger as well. I had learned a plethora of information and how to form ideas and persuade the reader to expand their bubble in Greensburg.


One Reply to “A Project in My Downtown”

  1. I’m so glad you found your English training to be an asset, Leah. I look forward to hearing more about the various genres you wrote in and how your coursework informed that writing (and vice versa). Perhaps you can provide us with some samples of your writing at some point this semester (or link us to the articles)? It would be fun to see the final products!


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