Science With a Twist


Emma Shirey

I am not a science major. When I discussed my new ‘science internship’ with my family, my mother laughed, “you almost failed high school science.” She’s right, I had never loved science. Before I took a Scientific Writing class last semester, I hadn’t ever understood how interesting and exciting science could be. As an English writing major, I think it’s really important to introduce science to non-scientists in a fun and creative way.  I believe in an innate connection between science and the arts which I want to bring to the Quark.

            I decided early on in the internship that I wanted to start a column for the DU Quark where I would create a relationship with readers. I feel that a Q and A may best allow me to achieve both a personal connection to readers as well as an easy-to-read format. I’ve been struggling a lot with deciding how I should go about formatting each column post. Recently, I came up with these steps for myself as I create each article: I will first take a question that many people may be interested in reading. I will then find scientific journals and articles on that topic and combine them to create a readable and easy to understand answer to a somewhat complex scientific problem.  This way, scientists will have access to the data that I have found through legitimate cited sources, and non-scientists will have easy answers to more difficult questions. In order to come up with these questions, I think I will look at different things going on in pop culture and try to keep the topics on trend.

            In all, I think that I have a solid idea of what I would like to do with my voice through the DU Quark. I am really excited to work with such a cool group of people who are all interested in vastly different things. I can’t wait to see where this internship takes us!


One Reply to “Science With a Twist”

  1. So great that you found your personal way to connect with subjects you had not previously thought interesting. Even more amazing that you chose to help others find their connection! Bravo! Your Mom is proud of you!


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