Forward, Always Forward

There’s always an air around campus this time of year, and it’s one of excitement, exhaustion, and reflection. Excitement about another year coming to a close, exhaustion from all of the work that’s been accomplished, and reflection on what each person has done and what is coming in the weeks, months, and years ahead. In the past, this vibe about campus has always felt pretty standard, as I always knew there was more to learn for me in the coming semesters. This time around, though, the emotions of excitement, exhaustion, and reflection are all the more heightened as I end my final semester as an undergraduate student.

Reflecting back on my experiences as an intern for the writing camp, it all feels like it went so fast. It honestly feels like just yesterday that I was writing my initial emails about registration opening (apologies for the cliche). Now, we have several registrants and we’re still receiving inquiries and applicants. The camp is filling up, my promotional emails are complete, I’ve edited the Spirit campaign video, and the administrative tasks are coming to a close. All that’s left is to tie up a few loose ends and keep up with new registrants as they come in.

I think my favorite part about this experience has been getting to know parents and students who are excited about the camp and getting to write. It reminds me of my excitement about going to college and getting to meet people with the same interests in writing and literature that I had. I think each student who comes to the camp will find a similar experience in expanding their comfort zones and finding a community of writers. I only hope that it leads the students to continue seeking out enriching writing experiences, and that they’ll continue to find their voice.

I’m so grateful to John Fried for giving me this opportunity, and for the English department’s encouragement in expanding our comfort zones. When I transferred here three years ago, I couldn’t have imagined how I would grow both academically and professionally. The experiences I have had here inside and outside of the classroom have prepared me for a variety of opportunities, and I’m excited to continue to see how I can apply the English major beyond Duquesne’s campus.

It’s a weird feeling to leave a place that has become a comfort zone. I think, though, that it just means I’m ready to move onto the next adventure and continue to expand my definition of what’s comfortable. While I’m still not sure of what the future has in store for me, I know that I’ve learned enough to be well prepared for whatever comes my way. Even though I’m not continuing my education formally, I’m excited to continue learning in whatever capacity I can. And of course, I want to keep writing and encouraging others to find their voice.

-Jamie Crow


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