Opening Reflections from a Gumberg Library Intern

By: Kathleen Herbstritt

The theatre was almost empty as we stepped through the dark corridor into the main stage area.  I blinked, trying to adjust my eyes as the overhead lighting was much dimmer than that of the January morning’s outside. There was a single student reading in the first row of seats, waiting for the next class to begin. Apart from the student, and the four of us, there was a patch of brick in the center of the stage area, and an unfinished set piece peeking out from around the heavy curtains. “It’s on wheels,” we were informed. Its mobility meant it could be used in the upcoming program.

“Shakespeare and the Four Humours” is an event will occur over the span of about a month on Duquesne’s campus, including programs at both Gumberg Library, and in the Genesius theater, where this impromptu meeting was taking place. This multifaceted program will include the display of Shakespeare inspired artwork in the library, as well as dramatic readings and performances in the theatre by students and staff of the university. As an intern, and an English student, I am excited to be involved in the preparations for these programs focused around the works of Shakespeare as well as a prominent theme in his works, especially as they will be brought to life onstage and through the performance.

In addition to the Shakespeare event, I have also been working on LibGuides. This is the software used to present the various pages in the library’s research database. Since working with the mechanics of this, I have a better understanding of how the research process can be made more efficient. Additionally, editing the pages and working with the technical aspects has given me a better awareness how to organize content and information on a web page.



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